creating the superman

... if I recall correctly, renowned physicist
Stephen Hawkins was asked if he had to do it all
over again, would he again be a space physicist?
He replied that today he would probably choose
genetics, because that is where the future is.

... the Chinese have already gene-spliced together
a modified monkey, so you can bet that human
tests, if not already, will soon be here

... man has dreamed forever, of the super-human,
the superman ... genetically enhanced to be
smarter, faster, healthier, more beautiful,
and whatever other traits one might want

... it really is no use trying to stop this
research on religious grounds, although as
with all things, karma is always involved

... it will be done somewhere in the world,
regardless of our religous objections

... maybe we could genetically engineer
people who can withstand radiation and
live in low oxygen atmospheres, with
bigger lungs or something

... it would be great for the Mar's version
of homo sapien

... I'm glad I'm getting old, and will pass
away from this planet before it all becomes

... but I'm sure the people of the future
will enjoy being the supermen

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu