avoiding a space war

... I read another article today, concerning China's
development of space weapons, which can destroy, or
disable our satellites, which most of our military
depends on

... all I can say, is look at all the space junk up
there right now, and if there was a battle in space,
it would for all intents and purposes, render our
outer space useless, and maybe even impossible to

... space junk and debris will certainly fill the
skies if there was even a small battle, and that
space-flotsam will circle the planet for centuries,
zinging along like hypersonic bullets, just waiting
to run into an opportunity to invoke Murphy's Law

... so whoever fires first, will be condemned forever
for destroying the usefulness of outer space

... making it impossible to put up satellites

... but, the Chinese are a sovereign nation, and an
old and wise one, much older and wiser than the US, and
we must trust them, just as they must trust us

... the gods and goddesses allow the fear of war to
be used as a way to rapidly increase technology, by
way of weapons research

... as long as there is a bad guy to fear, then
you must improve your technology, always advancing

... I think China would be the place-to-be right
now, if you were a hard-working industrious engineer

... too much air pollution there for me, but I
admire the skills their nation displays in

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu