have no fear, WonderDog is here

... I read today, that the Pentagon is getting publicly
worried that China's military will gain superiority
over us in as little as 5 years

... especially in space-based weapons

... we are back to Mutually Assurred Destruction, MAD

... there is very little doubt that a country could
pull a surprise, stab-in-the-back, Pearl Harbor style
attack on the US and we couldn't prevent it

... our only weapon is known retaliation. Even if
the entire mainland N. America was destroyed, in
a 15 second attack, our Nuclear Subs are authorized to
deliver a fatal blow to whoever did it.

... so say prayers for the safety and efficiency
of our submarine forces, they are our only real

... and that brings up an interesting quandry, which
I heard mentioned on NPR, IIRC

... what would a submarine commander do, if he knew
his entire homeland was already destroyed, and he was
to give the order to launch his massive counterattack?

... knowing full well, that by shooting off his load,
he will identify his position, and that will almost certainly
cause his ship to be destroyed, shortly after firing

... his family is gone, his homeland and entire future
gone, and his attackers will rule the earth, unless he
kills them too, but in the act, destroys all remaining humans

... what to do? what to do?

... surrender? or fire?

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu