the black hole

... nothing scares humans more than the thought
of being devoured by a black hole, the whole
planet just sucked in, and completely broken
down into just information and energy

... to be run thru a Cosmic Garbage Disposer

... most people don't want to think about
black holes, even though they are the most
massive objects in our nearby space. The
Milky Way spirals around a nice sized black

... I think black holes seem so threatening
to us, because it forces us to deal with the
fact that there are probably many other
dimensions to the world

... that's a scary thought, to a mere human
stranded on a rock in space

... imagine an interdimensional vortex, swirling
down to an infinite void, which sucks matter into it,
completely breaks everything down to bits of
information and energy of a type which is foreign
to us in the material world

... then it spits it all out thru an unbelievably
weird physics, by which information can travel
faster than light inside the collapsing black hole,
and escape

... in an lecture about black holes, by renowned
physicist Steven Hawkins, the professor relates
that the name black hole, when translated
to French, meant something obscene, and at first
the French didn't want the term used :-)

... the great Brahma, who actually designed the
creation and functioning of this material world,
is so generous for sharing the truths of the
creation to us

... I thank Brahma for all the wisdom and science
which he is trying to pour into the world, thru
the conciousness of mankind

... and I know now, that it is Vishnu and Krishna
Themselves, Who allow me to remember and see things
beyond my little nose

... Haribol!

... but back to earth and how can we use it

... the infinite voidness of the black hole makes it
the perfect thermodynamic heat sink, which if you know
a bit about engines, they almost all work on an energy
cycle, which connects a heat source with a heat sink,
and siphon off work as the energy flows from source
to sink

... so with the infinite void of a black hole acting as
your heat sink, even the 3 degree background radiation
of deep space, would be enough heat to generate power,
if we could harness a mini-blackhole and sink to it

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu