the eye in the sky

... I read in the news today that they will start
flying blimps around Washington, to detect incoming
cruise missles, which are way more dangerous, and
hard-to-detect than the old fashioned intercontinental
ballistic missle, or ICBM

... since the end of the cold war, we have been lulled
into a false sense of security due to our ICBM retaliatory

... but in actuality, our shores and space above, are
wide open to a very fast, accurate attack. Either from
cruise missles offshore, or hypersonic glide dive
bombers from space above

... so to defend ourselves, it is wise to put blimps
up to scan the horizon

... the problem is, the same blimp can watch everything
below, as well as deliver you free wifi

... what a trade-off,
free wifi courtesy of blimp-surveillance

... anyways, expect to see more blimps, and an increase
in the government's ability to produce video and GPS
data on any outside movement

... the way I look at it, my momma used to watch over me
like that

... it is nice to know, that someone is recording all
that occurs in my opinion, especially outside

... the problem in this system, is what to do if they
spot a crime, like rape occuring, on their realtime cameras?

... or how do you prevent what an NSA employee referred to
as parallel case developement, which involves
the surveillance people tipping off local police, who
otherwise wouldn't have a clue, as to some observed
criminal activity

... it's time the Anonymous Sources, often mentioned
in the news, become identified as the watchers that they really are

... it is true, that Americans really are a Nation of Sheep,
and they want a good shepard to lead them, and especially
keep them safe

... it's just like mommy :-)

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu