the Supernatural Bowl

... an article in the news today finally acknowledged
what many have known for years, that supernatural
forces are involved in sporting outcomes

... the article said that over 50% of people polled,
prayed to some sort of God for their team

... prayers, voodoo rituals, offerings to the gods,
all count as believing in a higher force

... there is some kind of karma going on, some
magical force behind the scene, on the
battlefields, which we call sports

... even my own mother did it, while watching
a Tiger's baseball playoff game. When the opposing
team would bat, she would say: watch as I make
the batter miss the pitch ... SWING and a MISS!!

... but that sort of psychic energy burst is
only the surface

... imagine the karma which follows each player,
as they stand to play, and how it matches up
against his opponent's karma

... and how the sum total of all the players's
karmas match up against the sum of the opposition

... what great forces are at work behind the
scene, in the dark energy fields?

... and who indeed is Lady Luck, the goddess
of fortune herself?

... I suppose with my limited human mentality,
if I was asked how I would like to associate
with Krishna in the Transcendental Realms, I
would like to play pickup baseball with Him,
like we did as young kids

... eat, sleep, and play baseball with the gods,
for all eternity

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu