still alive

... when I was young, it was the rage to
think that you would do what a character
in Hesse's book Stepenwolf proposed as a
solution to his suicidal urges:
Live to 51, and if it ain't good by then, end it all.

... well, I'm moving past 62 right now, and I must
say, getting older and wiser isn't that bad
as long as you can stand the pain

... the truth finally comes to one, as you
get older, and Vishnu helps you fearlessly
see past one's own inevitable demise, and
onto the new shores of Samahdi ... the fields
of Elysium

... so in reality, the pain is nothing compared
to the pleasure it gives me, to give my senses over to Krishna,
so that He may see thru me, as to what is really going
on down here on the planet earth

... I stay alive, in the hope, that one day,
God will return to fully control the earth,
and everyone will be content and happy because of
the prescense of God's spirit

... but from what I understand now, God dosn't
want to come back here because humans are too
f***ed up, and so one should proceed to the
Vaikuntha's, the closest planets in the pure
spirit realm, and from there be directed on
how to get closer to Krishna, on Krishnaloka

... that is my truth, my level of knowledge, as of now

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu