thoughts on infinity

... I was listening to an interview on the radio,
and a learned author said that the concept of infinity,
may not be real, in the sense that there is no such thing
as infinite space

... that may be true in the material world, the world
of the 3-d Cartesian x,y,z space,but this
material universe is not just space, there is time,
thus it is called space-time

... now ultimately, the question of whether Time is
eternal, infinite, or whatever other never-ending
concept which one can concieve, comes down to

... we all appear to be mortal, yet the concept
of the immortal soul keeps surfacing amoung all
peoples of the world

... it's our soul that is infinite, nothing else

... our bodies are like suits of clothes which
we discard at death, usually for being too worn out

... mathematically, there is no reason for an end
to time, and in most mathematical equations which
incorporate time, there is no reason to assume
an end of Time

... many Big Bang cycles can occur, destroying the
previous space, yet time continues on

... can you concieve of 1 Big Bang cycle? Then
why not 2? Then why not 3, and on to never-ending

... the Srimad Bhagavatam, the ultimate book of
Krishna Conciousness, or God Conciousness if you
please, says that even at the end of what our
scientists refer to as the current Big Bang cycle,
Brahma will collect all the remaining souls, and
put them into a form of sleep, or suspended animation,
until the next universe forms after the next Big Bang

... then, Brahma reawakens all souls, in material bodies,
to once again continue the learning process

... the learning process is to teach us that we are not
to rebel against God

... earth is like a reform school for errant souls, and
we do not get out until we accept the primacy of God

... God is superior to us, like we are superior over dogs

... and we, should just wag our tails for joy, when spirit
of God approaches us

... it is our duty to serve the Will of God

... once you attain that state, the Great Lord Vishnu
will promote you to the transcendental realm, where
all things happen simultaneously, there is no Time there,
one never ages, one never again goes thru the pangs of
the birth-death cycle

... the Transcendental world, it's the place to be

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu