worries woories woories

... there has been some stories in the news today
which makes me worry about my physical safety

... first, an admiral finally came out and said
that China is gaining superiority over us, and
if it wasn't for our nuclear submarine deterent
force, they could get away with blowing us out
of the water in their territory

... second, an article appeared, trying to answer
the question if you see a mushroom cloud go off
in the distance, what is the best way to find shelter?

Should you run for it, to the nearest government shelter,
or hide in the nearest basement?

... since I'm in a walker, I wouldn't get very far, so it
is best for me to be at ground zero, instantly vaporized

... well, that would end my worries then, wouldn't it?

... I don't feel threatened by China's expansion at all

... in the past, their great sailing barges covered the
whole area, and the emperor ruled all, at it was good

... so let the Chinese bear the expense of doing all
the sea rescues, etc, etc ... things which the US cannot
really afford ... let them chase pirates

... the idea of the Monroe Doctrine is resurfacing here

... just as we took the Western Hemisphere, the Chinese
have the right to their area, and it is big

... the times are going to become turbulent, and it is a waste
of resources for great empires to fight one another

... with the advent of hypersonic glide weapons, advanced
cruise missles, and whatever other weapons of destruction
which are being developed, there is no defense other than
deterence ... the retaliation will be so swift and profound
the people will forever lament the day, and curse the
person who struck first

... but like I said in a previous post, Carl Sagan's equation
for the likihood of the existence of an intelligent space-age
civilization, includes the factor: likihood of destroying
themselves with their own technology

... God already knows what the outcome will be, but it is for
us humans, to create it, with our free will, sweat and pain

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu