who controls your eventloop?

... what I observe as an amateur programmer,
is that most new systems now are moving to what
is called a non-blocking I/O eventloop structure

... this is to prevent the system from hanging
on a bad connection, or whatever other bad event
might arise

... this is important, since in the future, almost
everything will be connected thru the net

... it also allows you to do multiple things, at what
seems to be the same time, since the
computer works so fast. The event loop goes in
a big cycle, watching for keyboard input, socket
requests, mouse movement, anything you ask it
to watch

... all in just milliseconds

... it can switch from one task to another,
a thousand times, and be back, before you
read the next word, or strike the next key

... the web browser, which you are probably
reading this with, is actually an eventloop
system, called javascript

... the javascript event loop is running
in the background of the browser, loading
photos, organizing text into little boxes for
you, waiting for mouseclicks, or keyboard input,
maybe making popups and menus appear, opening and
closing sockets, which connect to other computers

... so your life is also sort of an eventloop system,
we sleep, eat, and do many things on a regular
basis, we connect constantly with other humans,
just like in an eventloop system

... so, the question is: who controls your eventloop?

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu