the majesty of it all

... when I sit and contemplate the experience
of human existence, I just have to stand in awe in
front of all creation

... conciousness alone is a hard enough concept to
explain, being the perception of time passing,
at it's simplest

... but what doors you open when you inquire as to
why we have conciousness, and what of the
other ideas and worlds which conciousness takes us to?

... all I know, is that I have seen in my own
zen experience, enough coincidence in event
sequences, to believe in a conciousness which
is superior to us ... far superior

... I know I have a guardian angel, or paramatma,
who is a piece of Vishnu, riding along right with me,
inside my mind

... what world does my paramatma come from?

... At my current knowledge, it's from the Transcendental
Realm, according to current terminology

... or another dimensional space, side by side,
but superior, to our material realm, in mathematical parlance

... I envision my guardian angel as the most beautiful
face of Vishnu, Mohini,
... and to confess, I would like my guardian angel
to have sex with me
... as I would like to engage with the goddess one time,
before I leave earth

... leave a man alone in a camp too long, and
this is what you get :-)

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu