getting priorities right

... the moons fly by faster and faster, it seems like
the last full moon was just last week

... it seems that the media, in promoting the youth
culture, has promoted the idea that living young
on earth forever might be a desirable goal,
culminating with the vampire mythology and its
deep psycho-sexual connection

... I am no spokesman for them, but the great Vedic
civilization of the past, had as its primary
goal, the deliverance of the human soul back to
the Transcendental realm, back to God, back to

... now with genetic research suggesting that thru
gene manipulation, we can extend life much longer
than 100 years, and keep us young and beautiful
too, it becomes tempting to fall into that trap
of believing that you are your physical

... I could live to be 200, 350, 600, who knows
what the limits are

... but back to priorities

... the ultimate purpose in life is to develop that
transcendental body, so that at death, you just
leave earth with your transcendental body and get
as close to Krishna as you can

... and maybe staying on earth longer than God had
allowed for you, means that your chance is lost,
the bus left the station without you

... you had a ticket, but missed the bus

... so remember that, while you think about the
Super Bowl party, and all the other materialistic
distractions which Babylon seduces us with in the
current age of Kali, Kali Yuga

... human life is so short, and eternity is so long

... it is better to make decisions based on eternity

Hare Krishna, and may Vishnu smile upon earth

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu