who owns the moon?

... with all the recent research into privatized space
exploration, I saw a news article today concerning the
question: who owns the moon?

... who does? Mankind? The US? Afterall, we planted the
first flag there, as far as we know

... when they want to put a hotel up there, who is liable
for rescuing everone when Murphy's Law hits

... then again, my belief is that God, the great Vishnu,
is the controller and maintainer of all the material world

... so Vishnu owns it

... and Vishnu says it was placed here for our enjoyment
and it controls the tides and a whole bunch of bio-rythem
stuff which we do not understand as mere humans

... Vishnu says share and enjoy it in peace, but the
goddess Kali is sure to take sacrifices

... the goddess Kali is Vishnu's representative in all of this,
and we should try to please and placate her, because she
loves to rip bad humans to shreds

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu