the synchronicity of it all

... as I watch the events of the world go by,
I am often fascinated by the interweaving of
events world-wide

... for instance, we are freezing our asses off
up in N. America, yet there is a current deadly
heat wave occurring in Australia

... we tend to think, that our mental vision
of the world is shared by all on the planet,
but as we can see, some can bake and some can freeze
simultaneously in the biosphere

... it makes you think big, to think of the planet
as a whole

... the general in charge of defending our space
satellites says he has to watch something like
73 trillion cubic miles of space territory

... that is a big stage to operate on

... he also laments the militarization of space,
but observes that humans have militarized every
region they have ever occupied ... land, sea, air,
and now regrettably, space

... oh well, it's a tragic fact, that we all die
one way or another

... I watch alot of old war movies with my friend,
and it makes wonder, what would a real space war
look like? Would you need kamakaze type pilots,
willing to fly into space to fight incoming threats,
knowing they will likely never return to earth

... parachuting out from 200 miles up, imagine that

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu