it makes me feel creepy

... I suppose the biggest news I read today, is that
they are finding radiation hotspots along some
West Coast USA beaches

... everyone suspects Fukashima contamination,
but it could be from some other even more insidious
source ... only testing will tell

... I will bet that portable Geiger Counter sales
are soon to sky-rocket, and eventually will be
sold at Walmart for $29.99

... they are a bit pricey right now

... what a hit for the West Coast beaches, it's going
to kill beach tourism and surfing, until they can post
daily radiation level warnings at the beaches, like a
weather report

... that California beach tan, takes on a whole new

... we are lucky, the radiation out in space is
pretty harsh, fortunately we have the protection
of the Van Allen Belts

... humans think they are tough, but in the harshness
of space, we are dead ducks

... still, I think I'll stick to the swimming pool for awhile

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu