facing the frigid

... well the polar vortex is coming down today,
scary, but I feel prepared to meet the cold

... if need be, I can lay in my sleeping bag all

... the big deal in my book about it all, is
water, frozen water pipes, no water, no toilet,
no showers, yuck

... I think the coldest I ever lived outside in,
was around 70 degrees below zero Farenheit

... it was only a night or 2, and I wouldn't
want to do it again, but I survived

... but one always has things to be thankful
for ... like minus 60 is a day in the park,
compared to the dead silence of outer space
in the shadow of the moon

... I can't believe why people want to go live
in outer space ... it is crazy ... we were
designed for earth

... but, when we all do inevitably die, there
is nothing but the coldness of empty space
awaiting us, so getting a bit of frigid weather,
can be looked upon as a spiritual experience

... showing us the coldness which awaits us all
when we leave these warm fleshy bodies
in the relatively near future

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu