global warming or cooling?

... there have been many conflicting stories in the media
lately regarding global warming vs. cooling

... I must report my Zen observation on this matter.

... The sun is at it's 22 year low in the sunspot cycle,
it just bottomed out with a magnetic pole reversal

... I think this effect, of low solar flare activity,
is causing a temporary lull in the warming trend

... the earth, just like any other system we study,
can be looked at in terms of quantuum energy levels

... just as in the atomic models of electron
states around a nucleii, balanced complex systems
move in steps, quantuum steps

... very seldom do you find a smooth transition
from one quantuum level to the next, in terms of
energy levels

... they go in discrete steps

... so because of the global warming, the earth
is poised to jump up to that next atmospheric
quantuum level, but the low solar activity
is holding it off

... but be prepared, the sunspot cycle is already
starting its upward climb

... there is nothing quite like the sun, we take
it for granted, but it determines much of what
occurs here on earth

... according to predictions, the sun will eventually
consume the earth in a super-nova of passion

... then, then we start over. :-)

© 2014 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu