the ethics of mouse killing

... as I tread along the path toward Krishnaloka, I
occaisionally come upon a mental quandry, which
I can only solve by claiming self-defense

... where I live, on a farm, the mouse can become a

... you eventually learn that they will find and gnaw
into your food, if it is not in solid sealed packages

... so, over the past few years, I had some pilfering
little mice come in, but they were quickly dispatched
with a little mousetrap and some peanut butter

... my front yard is a little grave yard for mice

... but now, as I approach the heavenly realms, I'm
finding that the mice are smartening up ... they won't
go for the peanut butter bait anymore, instead they bring
in their own acorns, from the local trees, and decide
to make my trailer their camp

... to make things worse, the mouse is seemingly paying
me for living here, by leaving little acorns for me to
find at my desk

... now clearly, this shows some sort of extraordinary
communications skills coming from within the mouse

... one day, in broad daylight, this mouse had the nerve
to charge at me, down the hallway, thinking it would scare
me away, out of its trailer

... now I pray homage to Ganesh, the great doer of great
deeds, the overcomer of obstacles, and often portrayed
in his elephant form; but I'm no elephant now

... I tried to stomp that mofo

... so now my philosophical quandry is should I
continue to try and kill this extraordinary mouse?

... what would be the karmic consequences of killing
this mouse, who after all is just trying to find a more
comfortable, safe location for its little camp, and
is trying to communicate with the god_of_camp, namely me.

... just as I am trying to move into heaven, and live with God

... I need a cat, but I don't particular like them

... maybe some biological control? , a germ that only kills

© 2013 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu