the flip has occurred

... in the news today, I saw that the sun has completed
it's magentic pole flip in it's 22 year cycle

... that is probably the biggest solar event which
we ever see, the north turns to south, and
south to north ... the earth is supposedly doing
the same thing, but our cycle is supposed to be
somewhere around 10,000 years

... at least it means the sun is doing alright

... in some ways I believe that the sun has conciousness

... according to the Hindu beliefs, the sun is Ishvara,
father of all on the planet and especially
father of mankind

... I was fortunate enough to be given a good scientific
education when I was young, and if you let the scientists
talk, they will say: there is no need for God

... but the older and wiser I get, I see that the world
is run by the gods and godesses, who are sort of
the managers, running the world, so Krishna dosn't
need to be bothered by our cries of bewilderment
from the material muck here in the atomic world

... luckily, we have the earth goddess to mother us

... if I have to leave you with 1 bit of cosmic advice
it is that
time is like a wave, ride it

© 2013 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu