supine groin extension

... after years of wondering what ailment it is, which
is bothering me, I finally stumbled onto a video that
explained it all

... I guess if you sit too long, like in school, in
front of a computer all day, or wherever, your
hip sockets will start to adapt to the sitting position,
instead of the walking/standing posture meant for a human

... since I'm not really human, but only play one on earth,
I figure it means that I'm supposed to sit all day and
watch the world go by, so my body is adapting to the
sitting position

... to get out of it, one needs to gently stretch
the hip ligaments out straight again, and the process
is called a supine groin extension

... or the poor man's cure is to get a bottle of
muscle relaxants, and lay in bed with a beautiful
woman for many pleasurable hours

... does O'bamacare cover sex surrogates? I could
use a nice 18 year old in my sleeping bag every now
and then, to help keep my supine extension going :-)

... and what is the deductible for that?

© 2013 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu