the zen of metamaterials

... we are heading into a new year, and a new age

... I saw a news story today about metamaterials,
which bend light around itself, making it invisible
to the average viewer .... the invisibility cloak

... a video demonstrated that the very same principle
of photon bending, can be used in the next techno-
revolution, called photonics

... instead of moving electrons around in micro-curcuits,
you can use nano-technology to build billionth of an
inch sized pipes to move photons along, with almost
zero loss

... imagine a transistor for light, instead of electrons

... the future is going to be mind-boggling for those
who will live it

... I guess we will all need to wear google goggles,
with the infrared upgrade, to check out the heat

... I wonder if metamaterials can bend light and
contain heat, by internal reflection, making
them invisible to IR cameras

... what difference does it make, the Great Vishnu
sees all anyways ... so who are we kidding?

... maybe a good commercial use for it, would be clothes
that made fat people look thinner :-)

onwards and upwards

© 2013 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu