merry Christmas 2013

... well, I don't really believe in Santa Claus
anymore, so at my wise old age, I have to ask myself:
Who do you pray to for goodies from the sky,
manna from heaven?

... do the goodies only come to the good? Or is
everyone included in the feast? ... bad and all

... we all pray to someone when we make dreams
of the future, eventually you realize the destination
of that desire-dream is Vishnu, the Controller and Maintainer.

... it's said with authority, that Jesus was an incarnation
of Vishnu

... most believers want you to trust in all the stories
about Jesus. There is one thing though:
most white people don't want to admit that Jesus may have
been black or at least pretty swarthy looking

... in the Hindu books I read, it is often said
that the face of Vishnu can be black sometimes,
and often prefers it, so there is no doubt
that Jesus could have been black in color
... it says, Jesus was an incarnation of Vishnu

... so whatever you wish to believe, or not to believe,
you know Jesus had special qualities just from the
impact he has had on History

... same goes for Bhudda, Mohammed, and all the other
humans who have descended directly from Vishnu

... that impact on humanity is proof of Their transcendental

... so happy birthday Jesus, I hope things are calm
peaceful and beautiful for you now.

... it is said, that Vishnu will descend anytime it seems
that humans have forgotten about God. He comes back to
re-awaken our transcendental side

... and if you really need more convincing, of why Christmas is odd, the original Santa personality had a flip personality,
called something like Satan, maybe?
... who came to visit those who did bad things thru the year

... i see profundity in that Santa/Satan word play

... in this day and age, the scarriest thing you can see is
a guy in a Santa suit

© 2013 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu