start again Sisiphus

... well, now that the solar minimum has passed, and
we are on the uphill climb again, towards Spring
and Summer, it's Time to make plans for all the things
we have to do in the future

... people don't conciously admit it, but we are
in a constant state of planning events for the Future,
by looking at the events of the Past

... that is the true mystery and secret of the inner mind,
event creation

... but the Future requires knowledge and skill,
in order to be successful on earth, or just an
undying love and respect for the Will of God, if you concentrate
on the transcendental realms

... guess who wins? Earthly or Transcendental?

... eventually one learns that success isn't everything
... in the Aztec-Inca days in America, the winners of their
SuperBowl would be sacrificed to the gods as champions

... I'm glad my school taught me how to be a good loser :-)

© 2013 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu