having the upper hand

... I was reading about Dennis Rodman over there
in N. Korea, holding basketball training camps

... my thought was, what a blast it would be to
play against opponents who are 4 feet shorter than
you ... it makes the game more fun that way

... but this grasshopper has learned, that tininess,
speed and agility, usually win out in the end, with
kung fu, and all that martial arts stuff

... the one bad thing about martial arts, is it leads
to an inevitable downfall, since there is always
someone younger and stronger coming along, to knock
the current champ off the pinacle of success

... that is the nature of how the material world,
and it's illusory agent Maya, control us, as if
we are dogs just waiting to be trained
... chasing after sex and relief from our pains

... we chase the reward, but ultimately, the reward
is taken away from us, ultimately at death, as they say
You can't take it with you.

... being God's dog, now that is a thought, roaming
the Garden of Eden, making sure no human has snuck
back in

© 2013 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu