memories of past encounters

... I read a news article today, about the decline
of the wolf population on Isle Royale, a national
park island up in Lake Superior

... it attracted my interest, because I remember, as
a boy, leading a nearly ill-fated camping expedition
there, with my younger brother, and his best pal from
across the street

... I remember hearing the wolves, howling in the distance,
from an area we were warned to stay out of

... it's a beautiful island, but I can tell you, after
about a day of walking your pack further inland, you would
gladly send some one back 10 miles to get some candy and
ice cream

... now, our camp was like "being ready for anything",
we had food, we had water, and all we had to do was hang out and fish

... I'm still haunted to this day, about the Ranger's warning
not to drink the crystal clear water in the lakes ... something
called Moose Fluke

... there were some days though, where it was just so hot
and parched, that we sometimes drank bits of the raw water

... maybe the soul of the Moose entered us

© 2013 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu