the Winter Solstice is coming

... it really dawned on me this morning, that the shortest day
of the year, is soon upon us in the northern hemisphere

... ain't that strange, that what we consider to be the
shortest day, corresponds to the longest day, in the
other hemisphere ... happening on the same day, totally
different mindsets of reality ... one the shortest day
of the year, going into the Cold Zone, and the other,
just beackoning the beginning of their summer

... there is some sort of yin-yang balance going on
there, in the totality of the whole planet's psyche

... there has been a good opportunity to get what I call
a winter solstice tan, it's sunny and bright, and
if you are out of the wind, a perfect time to strip down
and make some natural vitamin D to get you thru the

... they say vitamin pills don't do you as much good as
they like to claim, you are better off buying yoghurt
and vegetables and nuts with your money, and spend time in the sun

... food really has to come from some thing we prey on,
like fresh wheat,rice,barley and milk from healthy happy cows

... speaking of marking the Solstice, I read that they
just did a multi-million dollar upgrade to Stonehenge

... I made a Stonehenge model when I was in High School,
and for some bizarre reason, it still freaks me out
everytime I hear the thing referenced

... well, it's quite cold as I type, so I must go to
doing my cold weather exercises to stay warm, I hear
some people call it the Harlem Shake ... to me,
it's just shivering like a mouse trying to stay warm

... they say humans can quiver at about 24 cycles per
second, if you can get the groove going

© 2013 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu