the good wife

... I have had the great fortune, of being lead to
reading a bit from the Srimad Bhagavatum, the bible
of the Hindu view of the world, every morning,
first thing

... today, the pages told of the good wife

... up until now, the pages were full of the male mastery
of the world, but now it suddenly says that a connection
with a female will get you over some troubled water,
and are a no-sale item, very valuable, even money
can't buy it ... a good soul who is willing to
live with you as a wife, in primitive conditions,
until death do you part

... a good one is hard to find, but I feel reassurred
after reading the SB, that they are not taboo

... they are a safe port in a storm, and the wise
seek the shelter of a safe harbor, when the psychic
winds blow turbulently thru our lives

... the good SB also says that one should not joke
about any wife, because it is they who keep their
husbands from sliding further into hell, by
keeping you on-the-straight and narrow, fully

... a good wife is like a valuable jewel,
a priceless gem ... no man in his right
mind would trade away his truest love
for money

... but that is for the good wives, and
then again there are the bad wives, and
as a movie-buff joke,the ugly wives :-)

... but, as the good SB says, never make fun
of someone's wive, or your own ...
good, bad or ugly

© 2013 by zentara