the current state of war

... there have been great teachers throughout history,
and James Burke definitely is one of them

... after being inspired to see history in it's correct
context, I would like to comment on the current artistic
developments in the art of secrecy and the business of
people (or robots) killing other people

... the first item is a new laser weapon, which is designed
to shoot down drones, but in a JamesBurksian oddly
connected way will change war ... the same laser that
can shoot a drone down, can if properly designed, shoot
down incoming mortars at about 83 per second, that is
quite an umbrella ... of course, it would probably still
rain shrapnell

... anything lobbed your way, at relatively slow speeds,
can be zapped away with a laser, like a powerful fly-swatter

... the other thing I would mention, is that troublesome problem
of tunnels being dug along the Mexican-US border
... they claim that they can't keep up with new tunnels,
but they do have a thing called ground penetrating radar
... and such a thing as a daily fly over

... of course ground penetrating radar, and what ever other
odd frequency scanners they have, can surely detect straight
lines underground

... I hear that they even have a scanner which can read the
ultra-high frequencies called bio-luminesnce ... I guess
our genetic material glows enough to be seen thru walls

... on the contrary to those things, mentioned above,
science has brought us closer to understanding how
genetics works, and they are now promising a possible
500 year lifetime to people who undergo a genetic change

... oh yeah, the extra life DNA comes from some long-lived

... I still remember a good habit-wearing grade school
nun, who said to us way back then, that it is
"The Devil's Trap", to hold you within the material
world for that long

... oh well, such is the State of the Art of War, Dec15,2013

... the best thing anyone can do, is to learn to love
the God above, and go back to live in the transcendental realms

© 2013 by zentara