Shiva does the right thing

... recent events have got me thinking about
the developing state-surveillance mechanism

... I don't know what else to say, except that
if I was in power, I would ask myself, what would
I do ultimately. It would be wise to have all
communications under control and watched by some
authority ... not to do so would almost ammount
to neglect on the part of the government

... besides, any really smart person would
realize that anything sent over a computer,
is likely to be recorded, and so who would
actually use it for a secure means of communication

... I mean I read that in Cuba, things are passed
hand to hand on USB memory chips, to avoid government
censorship ... they will pass them off, for a few bucks,
a copy of the outside world on little computer usb based
video files ... impossible to stop

... anyways, if I was to implement a clever backdoor
into almost all systems worldwide, I would either attack
the bootloader, since the bootloader can do anything while
it's loading the system, or....

... another clever way, would be to find a method to get little
hidden languages, like javascript, running in all of the
eventloop utility c libraries, like gtk, glib, and any of the
other event loop systems out there

... after all, javascript is technically just the name of
the little event loop which runs most of our popular operating
systems ... just sitting there in the background, running
the show

... for instance, could the glib event loop,
on which such popular software such as Firefox and
the Gimp is based, be written to open a background socket,
and send out and/or receive data, unbeknownst to the user?

... it's like DNA, the event-loop is like the DNA of the computer,

... so I guess it is wise and prudent to watch all communications

... smart people don't rely on computers for security anyways,
they rely on the Wrath of God as they say, Shiva does what is
righteous by God's will ... Shiva does the right thing

... so "Hi" to the Mr. Government surveillance guy, assigned to analyzing my posts ... Merry Christmas

... I'm glad some semblance of peace is coming to the
Iran situation, peaceful co-existence certainly must be
possible, or else we wouldn't be trying to create it.

...the Iranian peoples are way older than we, they go way back,
they've seen civilizations rise and fall, yet they still persist,
because of their true belief in Allah,
their vision of the Great One from above

... any peoples that pursue the Perfection of God,
as a guiding principle of State, can't be that bad
... and after all, many of the great ideas of Western
technological advancement came from the old days of the
spice caravans to China, along the Silk Road Route

... the days when the Muslim emperor was considered the
focal point for the connection to Allah

... so anyways, no complaints from me about the surveillance
state, if I was in power, I would do the same thing

... put up more cameras, there is no harm in observing
what is going on

... that being said, you should legalize marijuana
nationwide, because probably the biggest reason people
want to avoid surveillance, is so you don't see their
secret marijuana patches :-)

... then, let Marijuana sales tax help pay for the
unAffordable Health Care Act

© 2013 by zentara