please champ, please, say it ain't so, say it ain't so

... I must say, I'm a pretty good observer
of events, and just recently, I had my faith shaken
in the area of Linux distributions, and whether they
are free of the NSA backend tricks used by Microsoft
in the past, and the current ubiquitous 9-11 inspired security

... the red flag went up when some American Security
company recently decided to go out of business,
rather than comply with the governments requests to put
in backdoors in his software

... also, I've been studying javascript lately, and can
see what tricks certain background commands can play

... first of all, I became suspicious when Ubuntu would
almost always force you to use Grub as the boot loader,
instead of the old standard lilo

... I pulled Ubuntu out when it's bootloader started giving
me error messages about the hard drive, and then after I
removed grub and reinstalled slackware's lilo

... everything was working fine, until I went to upgrade to
Slackware 14.1 (md5sum verified)
... I noticed that the new lilo bootloader would not let
me revert, to the old one, and I noticed some sort of
javascript trickery going on in one of my network ftp
applications, just after I switched from plain ftp to
ftps (ftpssl)

... thru my clever hacking skills, I did manage to get my old
13.37 slackware bootloader going again and things seem more stable

... but such is the life of a paranoid geek

... it's funny, but now Ubuntu actually wants you to donate
to keeping it going ... I think it's a worthwhile project,
but I mean if they are putting in secret control codes,
shouldn't it be free?

© 2013 by zentara