the spark of life

... c'mon baby light my fire and keep it going

... as I grow wiser, I see the Great Vishnu, Controller
and maintainer of this material world of ours

... since I'm pretty sure that I am concious
... councious of the fact that I realize that
we are a soul inside a mortal's body

... once you are on that timewave, it's easy to
see that Someone, way up above us in Conciousness,
the One who ultimately controls events

... you want to honor and praise the One who can make
events happen at the blink of an eye, let alone
the course of a month or 2

... but we puny humans have no sense of the Conciousness
which precedes us, and Is above us

... we worry too much about our bodies, and not our eternal souls

... but even though I got that spark of life now, I realize
that this mortal portion is over very quickly, in terms
of Cosmic Time and Conciousness

... so now that you are alive, realize that you have
to die to be happy, ain't that a twist on things?

... one must learn to exit the material universe by means of the
... eternal soul

... well, if these are my last words, ever written by me,
I give my humble thanks and obeiances to Vishnu, the One

... and if Krishna is listening, Hare Krishna!

... duh, stupid me, Krishna is always listening

© 2013 by zentara