blowing off steam

... watching an older Connections show,
it was pointed out by the eloquent Mr. Burke,
that the research which brought us the illustrious steam
engine, was orginally done in the pursuit of making
whiskey ... bars were big back then, whiskey was, and
is, still important

... whiskey research triggers the Industrial Revolution
as a by-product of Watt's thermodynamic theories on heat
energy in the making of whiskey

... but, there are other energies out there too, in the
emotional dimensions of things ... my old school friends
used to call it the Psychic Weather Report

... scientists are claiming they are getting a real control
over life thru their genetic research, but they have yet
to demonstrate generating the spark of life in a Petrie dish

... I know it may sound unconnected and rambling, but it
all connects into one big cohesive picture, pushing the DNA

... like I said, it is good to blow off steam, to release the
psychic energies

© 2013 by zentara