the new paradigm

... I've been watching alot of those James Burke's
Connections documentaries lately, thanks to youtube,
and it has me thinking ... thinking about what my
true situation within the cosmic structure actually is

... what am I? A soul trying to transcend material
existence? , or a lump of mud, indulging in ice cream
to satisfy my animal desires?

... IT became apparent to me today, that it only appears
to our logical mind, that we are on spinning balls, circling
a Sun ... but that is not the Higher Dimensional Truth

... the Truth is that existence is a linear sequence of events

... a 4-dimensional noodle of space-time, made of cheap mud,

... and still, even after making all the discoveries that man can
possibly make, we still exist only because of the mercy of God

... our position in SpaceTime is very precarious, the cosmic
winds can blow wicked like a hurricane, and our shields
are very weak... non-existent even

... I believe in the invisible spirits of luck, the manifestations
of the Goddess Laksme

... IIRC didn't Yogi Berra say "You gotta believe"! It's true.

... so forget Newton and Copernicus, and their
"balls around the sun" BS, and realize you are sequences of events

... it's a new paradigm in actuality

© 2013 by zentara