the big bright invisible light in the sky

... over the past few years, a few really big things
have caught my attention, which were real puzzles until

... apparently, a nearby star, only 3.5 billion lightyears
away, was detected giving off an immense amount of radiation,
containing so much power, none of our energy theories can
account for it ... a mystery giant flash in the sky

... as reported in the news, a Gamma Ray Burst named GRB 130427A,
has been officially seen

... the scientists seem to think that it is some strange
phenomenum wherein young stars just burn out very quick,
burning like paper instead of cosmic wood

... this causes a giant gamma ray jet to be beamed in a tight
laser like beam, thru the universe, killing all life in
it's path, except for the deep sea and rock caves of the earth

... a well respected astrophysicist on a PBS program, claimed
that a Gamma Ray Burst is the number 1 threat to the life
of this planet, far greater a threat than an asteroid strike

... in addition to that Omen, a few years back it was reported
in the press that all the radiation meters out there in our satellites,
had their meters pegged offscale at the same time, from a cause unknown

... the end could come very quick, in this fast paced world

... it makes you think of how puny we little humans are

© 2013 by zentara