needing the Protection of the Lotus Feet the Lord

... I write these things as a indicator of my life's progress
toward the Vaikuntha's ... toward the heavenly non-material zone
of the pure spirit worlds, ... the heavens

... well, the Good Book which I'm reading describes it as this:
when the good God comes back, His feet will leave lotus blossom
shaped imprints all over the fine dust trail ... because He comes from
a non-material dimension adjacent to ours, in which is a lotus petal shaped
planet, in His zero-Mass, Non_HiggField state, hyperspace ", the higher Dimensional domains,

... Time means nothing to a mass-less entity ... they are as evolved above us,
as we are evolved past ants ... they probably are the Land of the Mythical Tachyon,
where Q lives, and you can shift thru Time as if it was not there

... eventually all men learn to be subservient to the Tao, because the Tao is
how the Totality of the Exterior World reacts to you ... it's Karma, with a
capital K, action begetting a reaction, somewhere, somehow in this world
reaction occurs

... well, when you finally figure that out, you learn the only real hope
is to ask for the Protection of the LotusFeet of the Lord, meaning you
want to be wherever He Is.

... you have to be on God's side, one with the Supreme Conciousness which exists
within us all, as Paramatma, the Holy Ghost, or Guardian Angel

... it's best to be brief in these matters, so Namaste to anyone who
reads this, as part of some inquiry :-) Like a new season of Who Killed Jr?

... as far as I'm concerned the world is going faster and faster into
a state of high speed overdrive, in order to find that it is not paradise,
since there is no end to the tread_mill which you are on, called Earth

... it's been awhile since my last thoughtgram, but I assure any reader that I am
all right

... His trail thru the material world leaves little lotus blossom markers,
watch for them

© 2013 by zentara