on a wing and a prayer

... the news today had quite a few interesting stories
of how degraded the human society has become ... a woman
selling her daughter's virginities ... a crazed gunman
in the Mojave Desert ... a desparado trying to evade police

... but the one that stood out the most, was that the
Air Force Academy decided to make the statement
"in God we trust" a voluntary part of their oath taking process

... I don't know, but I figure anyone flying high up
in the air like that, would tend to want to have God
as their co-pilot

... I think the current decline in America can be directly
correlated to our forgetting the true meaning of the phrase
"In God We Trust".

... the early forefathers put it in the various freedom declarations,
on the money, and even on various monuments of granite and steel

... they knew what the real deal was ... they were trusting in God

... now, it has become fashionable to claim a lack of knowledge
of the existence of God ... to call yourself an atheist

... our scientists have yet to do one thing, in their
ever-more-miraculous modern efforts ... they have not been
able to imbue matter with Life ... make a living thing
in a test tube

... they can assemble, various RNA and DNA strings into
a package and call it a man-made virus, but they have
yet to make a living cell

... they have no logical clue of what life actually
is, so even though they claim mastery, they know
nothing about the true nature of reality

... they are mesmerized by their own dreams of
power and control

... they are better off trusting in God, the Source of life


© 2013 by zentara