baby it's cold out there

... that cold air is blowing into S. Georgia now,
and it feels good and invigorating

... I always feel good when that clear arctic
air blows in, and I always wondered why that is

... from my years of wondering and following the issue,
it is claimed that the barometric pressure does alter
mood ... that cold dense air mass does 2 things

1. It raises the ambient outside air pressure, allowing
our internal blood pressures to rise, to balance it out

2. The cold dense air contains a bit more oxygen, and enough
I believe to improve one's mental functioning

There is a third, more esorteric possible reason, and
that is the high-pressure air mass rotates in the opposite
way from low pressure systems ... one goes clockwise, and
one goes counter-clockwise

... if you think about the atomic mass of all the air rotating
out there, on a quark and string level, there may be some
effect on our minds ... I think it's a good chance that there
is a connection

... what most people tend to forget is that at Absolute Zero,
no matter moves, we wouldn't be able to move

... it is said that our perception of Time, is actually related
to the motion of God in the other dimensions ... God moves,
and we go along for the ride

... it is all in dimensional analysis, if you want the human logic
of it all ... but philosophers will argue that for ages

... as for me, I am just glad I got a chance for the ride.

... Krishna, thanks for the sun, it wouldn't have been
possible without You.

... it's hard to believe that the nuclear inferno keeps
us going, but we are living proof, that God constructed
giant fires for us to live around, to keep us above Absolute Zero

... the stars are for our benefit, since God can freely move
at Absolute Zero, I think He prefers it there ... the Absolute Coolness

... but as a bunch of us souls are banished out into the
badlands of the material world, God does us a favor, and
builds us fires ... big nuclear fires


© 2013 by zentara