the gift of the illuminated mind

... as you get older and wiser, you begin to see
a difference in people, ... some have a self-illuminated
mind ... some inner drive, which keeps them lit up
bright, like a light bulb

... of course, anyone who truly knows the transcendental
light, realizes that there is a Greater Conciousness, above
us, which directs and controls, for the Will of God.

... but that illuminated mind, is like a fountain of thoughts,
emanating from the cosmic background dimensions, it is

What more can I say? It really isn't you, as the source of
conciousness, it is that you are listening to the thoughts
of the Cosmic Conciousness

Vishnu is that kind side of God's Personality, that controls
and sustains us, here is the mud of the material world

... way beyond the gateway of Vishnu, are the Vaikunthas, where all the
liberated souls live in the transcendental dimensions, where
God is known as Naraya( Sp?). The number of souls in the
transcendental dimesions, far exceed the numbers of us in the
material worlds of atomic mud.

Vishnu is the only interface between the transcendental worlds,
and us, those in the world's trapped by the Higg's boson, harnessed
into material form, and led around by the illusions of Maya.

... a little material form, in which we can live out our little
ego dramas, until we die. How kind of God it is, for Him do this for us.

... don't let the profoundly deep Fountain of Vishnu go dry in your mind

... it is said in the Srimad Bhagavatam, that Krishna, or God, is the
one who lets you remember, for those who wish to forget, He allows them
to forget

... so don't forget


© 2013 by zentara