just one more time

... one of the things that is most disconcerting
about the way life works, is that you eventually
realize that you have to die, at least one more
time, to get into the heavenly realms

... so even though you want to go to heaven,
and understand your true position vis-a-vis
the transcendental world, you know that world requires
giving up this current body

... apparently wherever It is, It don't want
no human bodies There, so we must die
... and none of toys and gadgets made of atomic mud
can come either ... all must be left behind

... being realistic, I conclude that the chance
of me being assumed bodily into heaven, is quite low,
as close to zero as close can get ... the infinite Noneness,
the Big Zero :-)

... we just must attain the zero mass state, at the very least

... so, we all must die, just one more time, and that gets right
into the heart of the mattter ... the right to existence

... so, if you know the Truth of how It all works, and
truly know what game we are in, it is the right to exist
which drives us forward

... as simple as It sounds, It gets complicated fast


© 2013 by zentara