pushing that X forward in Time

... almost all of us, well over 99% of us, are made from and
controlled by our genetics, specifically the X and Y

... it has been said by a very intelligent life scientist,
that the whole purpose of the male, was to move the female
forward, so she could breed more

... since we are all designed from an X and/or Y chromosome,
X being female, and Y being male, it seems that in the
natural scheme of things, the XY chromosomes should be
used for moving the XX chromosomes forward

... I think the reason is that the Female more
closely resembles the Creator, in beauty and compassion

... so, I'm moving forward the genes that came from
Lithuania ... the X chromosome from old Lithuania
creates beautiful resilient people ... worth more than money, to some

... as a Y, I wonder what that missing chromosome fragment
does to me, or for me. :-)

... eh, all I can conclude is that I was lucky enough
to get one of my mother's X's, a good Lithuanian one

... first down, goal to go, move that X forward

© 2013 by zentara