pledging devotional service to God

... when I was young, and being raised as a Roman Catholic,
God was a wise but mean old man living somewhere up above
the clouds ... always watching ... always controlling

... from a simpleton's perspective, it's true, God is the
oldest spirit around, and He is wise, wise beyond our

... as I grow wiser myself, I am beginning to understand
God's position as being everything, and we, just being
along for the ride

... the God-dimension is within each and every one of
our subatomic particles, and we are like living on
part of God's external surface energy ... to put it
simply, the universe is alive ... the very matter
around us, takes shape by the will of God.

Since the laws of karma were invoked, where each
soul's actions and reactions, form a sort of domino
effect, propagating them forward in some 11 dimensional
ether, we have been in this tremendously high speed game,
where God is trying to train us to quit wandering off the path

... once you see that, at supremely high rates of refresh,
you see how karma plays itself out

... I think God just got tired of paying for the karmic reactions
of us, His creations, and said, from here on out, everyman pays
his own karmic reactions ... it becomes a never ending cycle
of reincarnation into the material world

... the only way out of this trap, is to learn how not to offend
God, swear your allegiance to God, whatever you call Him in your

... I am taking the route of pledging allegiance to the great
wonderful Creation, brought to us by Lord Vishnu, designed by
Brahma, and run by the various demi-gods

... I mean, If the Cosmic Manifestation is truly alive, then
it controls the Greatest Energy ... you may as well be friend
and ally with the Great Oneness... it's the best magic

... I keep laughing everytime I hear the term, the Higg's boson, the so-called
God particle, because it is what holds our energy together here
in the material world.

It is our jailor, holding our souls in the atomic world

© 2013 by zentara