there is something beyond all this

... when you start getting older, or if you get
sickly near death, it becomes apparent to the
soul that there is something beyond this material

... you can just sense it, your first clue
is when you accidently exhibit some seemingly
magical power by seeing your desire and wishes
manifest themselves in material reality

... that is your clue, seeing how the magic
of the impersonal cosmic side of God works

... it gives one a clue to what true powers
exist out there, in the mystery of the mind
and the act of manifesting your will upon the
material world

... but once you start investigating how the impersonal
Brahman effluence works, you start to realize there is
an entity above us, our creator and maintainer

... it's all karmic cause and effect, piled up on the
collective human souls, a debt just waiting for the
gods to come and start collecting

... it's Vishnu, who is the transcendental portal
from this material world ... Vishnu is the transcendental
God who one must satisfy, to be allowed transition from
the material world to the transcendental worlds

... all souls must go thru Vishnu

... but like I said, you need to have your mind
in a certain mindset, in order to sense the omni-prescense
of Vishnu

... Vishnu is so good to us all, that he puts a small portion
of Itself into each and everyone of us, called the Supersoul
or the Guardian Angel

... it whispers to your mind what you should do, one should listen

© 2013 by zentara