beyond enlightenment

... as a White Tara initiate, my whole goal up till
now, was to attain enlightenment

... but now, I see that enlightenment is only the
first step in attaining my goal of going to live in
the spiritual world

... after enlightenment, comes liberation, and
finally transcendence

... enlightenment is just coming to the self-realization
of one's true position in the cosmic scheme of things

... we are spirits trapped in the material world, and part
of enlightenment is just to understand this fact

... once enlightened, and aware of the difference between
your spirit self, and the material body, there is the choice
one must make on whether to stay in the material world, and pursue
material gains of power and pleasure, or to transcend out of
the material world to take up eternal residence in the spiritual

... the material world can be very tempting, but another part
of enlightenment teaches one that the material world is very
limited, in both power and Time ... nothing in the material
world lasts forever, and the years fly by faster and faster

... that brings one to the desire for liberation, which is
freedom from the material bondage which holds us here, otherwise
known as the Illusion of Maya

... the Srimad Bhagavatam gives good instruction on attaining
liberation, and in the Age of Kali-Yuga, things are both simple and
more difficult, at the same time

...Kali-Yuga is the Age of Quarrel, the Age of Iron, and the Age
of Scientific Materialism. It is said that one should never
complain about being in the Age of Kali, because even though
it is becoming a God-less rat race, there are certain benefits
given by the goddess Kali.

... first, any bad thoughts which you have in your mind, do not
count as bad karma, only actual actions generate karmic reactions.
This is opposed to the distant ages of the past, where thoughts
could be held against you.

... second, sacrifices of animals and other austerities no longer
are needed ... all one needs to do is believe that God owns the
entire creation, and that you, are just but a humble servant of
God ... this is harder to do than the simple words might indicate

... the Srimad Bhagavatam calls this bhakti-yoga, just a simple
belief and devotion to God is all that is required

... third, the godless secular types, who are caught up in the passion
of materialism, and who want to lord themselves over the material world,
are making it easy for others to have a life of light work and contemplation
... big corporate farms, refrigeration, communication systems, and all
the other wonders of modern science makes it easy for poor honest
servants of God to live a life of contemplation
... for instance, I no longer need to spend all day working the fields
with an ox or water buffalo, or go out collecting firewood for cooking and heat
... this gives me the time to contemplate what God is, and be thankful
for this impoverished life of leisure

... so as the world moves into a time of high unemployment, don't
criticize it, but be grateful that God is giving you a chance to
gain freedom from material bondage ... that is where true happiness comes from

... once you attain liberation from materialism, the question of whether
to transcend, or reincarnate in the material world, becomes life's central question

... I aspire to transcend

... Hare Krishna, Hari Om Tat Sat, I bow before Vishnu

© 2013 by zentara