why I am refusing Obamacare

... with all the uproar over Obamacare in recent weeks,
I would like to lay out why I don't want it

... first, I am an older male, 61, and have been walking
with a walker or cane for the last 8 years or so, and I
havn't been to a doctor yet

... also, I am well under the 133% Federal Poverty Level,
so I actually am exempt from the penalty, so I have no
monetary motives in my refusal

... to put it simply, I want to experience my death as
God intended me to, as many generations before me have.
No doctors required.

My particular physical condition has been
accompanied by a spiritual awakening, and I wish to continue
on my present path, without modern materialistic doctors shooting
me up with drugs, or getting hooked on whatever pills they
decide I need, at a greatly inflated price

... why should I willing let doctors interfere with the
spiritual journey which I am on?
... it's my karma, and I must deal with it, without some
anonymous doctors imposing their karma on me

... to me, death is a release, it is God coming to take my
soul to a world better than this one, so why should I vainly
attempt to prolong my life? This world has become a materialistic hell-hole

... that is it, in a nutshell. The modern doctors have become
monsters, trying to prolong life way past what nature had intended
for most people

... for what it is worth, my mother had 2 sisters, one younger,
and one older. The oldest one refused what the doctors told her to
do, and she outlived them all. The youngest sister, went to the doctors often,
and she died first .... what does that tell you about modern medecine?

... finally, I have nightmares about signing up for Obamacare, only
to learn that the "fine print" may eventually allow them to
harvest your organs and bones, even against your will, like a Max Headroom

... the only way to be free, is to be fully prepared to die, and I am
... this world is becoming a place for degenerating materialists, and I want out

... so for me, let the Will of God decide my death, not Obama and his doctors

Hare Krishna, Om, Hari Om Tat Sat

© 2013 by zentara