the expanding universe

... I heard a radio interview of some space scientist,
who was talking about a new space mapping satellite,
which may help us understand why the universe is increasing
in it's expansion, rather than the predicted slowing down, as
predicted by the Big Bang theory

... of course, the discussion turned to the Dark Matter and
Dark energy out there, and how our lack of understanding of these
subjects may be causing the theory to be weakened

... it ended with the scientist saying we may not understand
large scale gravity properly

... I'm not much of an expert on the subject, but I do remember
in my school daze, that originally the Big Bang theory was
in competition with the Steady State theory.

... the Steady State enthusiasts claimed that in the void
of interstellar space, space itself was being created in
little incremental units as hydrogen atoms popped out of
the quantuum foam

... so it is not that the distant galaxies are flying away
from us faster and faster, but it's the intervening space itself,
which is growing, by the creation of space which accompanies the
hydrogen manifesting out of the quantuum foam

... I don't have the calculations at hand, but it takes a relatively
small amount of hydrogen creation to yield the expansion effect
... something on the order of 1 hydrogen atom per million cubic miles,
per year ... so small that we wouldn't detect it

... I speculate even further, that this may be the recycling of
of the material universe in action ... black holes suck in all the
old matter, and thru an interdimensional energy exchange, the matter
reappears as fresh clean hydrogen, which then goes on to form new stars

... the Srimad Bhagavatam instructs me that speculation on how the
Cosmos works is futile, but I had nothing better to do today. :-)

Hare Krishna

© 2013 by zentara