I think I heard a drone today

... I think I heard a drone today, it sounded like
a souped up small plane, circulating high, around 10,000 feet,
just beyond small, so small that you couldn't see it

... just snapping photos of everything, on a regular schedule,
on a circle by cirlce pattern ... watching us

... God sees all anyways, and who am I to complain, I'm
living on their food stamps, got water, and shelter, and
nothing to do except to contemplate on how all my actions
will affect my future events and ultimately how we all
must die as mortals, and live to be judged by our Maker

... an old Catholic school friend told me I'm turning into
a Hindu, it's not really true, it means Krishna Concious

... it is a state where you are free to follow what your
inner paramatma advises you to do, your inner SuperSoul,
that eternal piece of Spirit, which resides in everyone's
hearts ... our piece of Vishnu ... our piece of reality
assigned to us by the gods above

... from what I hear now, the real conflict in Syria, was
originally started because 1 million farmers were driven
off the land by drought conditions

... so one million drought refugees showed up in Syrian cities
and the governemnt said "you are on your own", they were'nt handing
out any welfare

... the rest is history

... history is interesting, since Syria was invented by the
US, as part of Wilson's WW1 settlements, it's kind of our
fault that this ever occurred

... if only they had good irrigation, the world may have
been a different place

... so the US essentially created Syria, as a by-product
of the WW1 peace agreements

... of course, Damascus is reportedly one of the oldest cities
on earth, settled by modern humans, and probably deserved
a section of land to feed and clothe it's citizens

... a report made me laugh, the last time a drought caused
a problem like this in Syria, not tooo long ago, but long enough
that it was in your Great Grandma's world, was the Yo-Yo controversy

... apparently the Religous leaders of the times said that the
West's import of the child's kid-toy, the Yo-Yo, was the cause
of the drought. Their reasoning being that as the child played with
the Yo-Yo, never letting it touch the ground, the dumb kid was
doing a Devil's Dance, prevent the rain from touching the ground

... so I have to ask, are people currently using alot of Yo-Yo's in Syria?

... but as I muse to myself, what would God think of this, the answer
I get is quite unpallatable ... God says they are both bad guys, and
He is quite happy watching themselves weaken each other, over these
war games ... He wants both sides destroyed

... the Angel of Death actually is God Himself, come to claim you,
so there is nothing to fear. God is the only Soul that is going to
save you, in the long run

© 2013 by zentara