remembering Shiva

... I know that there must be a God, because
I sure didn't think this reality up

... what a thing, when the testee figures out what
the tester is and what it wants

... sooner or later, all humans end up throwing themselves
at the mercy of the gods, who ultimately will decide what
events happen or not

... you learn about the gods, if you really try
and figure out what is really going on in this world
... but GoD Hisself owns it all, and runs it to teach
us humans that the material world is not a good place to stay
for long ... it seems that only the devils and demons like it

... but the gods do get your attention eventually

... then the gods inform you about the BIG God, who is transcendant
above and within our material universe

... the BIG God sees and knows all, and if we ever needed a time for
the BIG God to come in and make the call, make the Absolute Truth
happen, manifest, it's now. The world may be sliding into chemical warefare
Yet another reason to call for the god's interference in our
affairs again,

... I'm not sure, but I believe that the biggest badass god in the
material universe is Shiva, so I pray to Shiva to come in and
set the world right

... Shiva Himself, is not the highest god of all, and he will gladly
point out to you, that Krishna in the Transcendental Realm is the
Numero Uno God. Shiva cannot give you transcendance, but He will
do the will of GoD in the material world

... to the best of my knowledge, His power comes from controlling
all the power hidden in Time behind Planck's Wall, the energy so small
and energetic that it can't be observed by us

... IT has something to do with the greater Conciousness controlling
our material atoms by It's conciousness. It is like the invisible
strings and quarks which make up atoms, can be controlled by the
thoughts of an entity from a higher dimensional status.

... cracks don't just happen, the thought came first somewhere

... I saw a science video of a quark animation, where they create
the basic particles of our existence, by quarks rotating in a dance,
a dance which is OUT of this WORLD, but which is what we are made of

... I also saw that the quarks where doing dances, changing spin and
color, to make or break atoms in our material world

... My studies of the Srimad Bhagavatum led me to ponder the discovery
that every atom in our bodies are replaced by new ones every 7 years on
the average. Cells replace and repair just that often

... most of it is a flushing of the 70% water, which we are mostly

... that means that we are ephermal atomic dreams, every 7 years we are
shedding our bodies like a snake sheds its skin ... presto, it's new you

... some New Zealand reseachers have evidence that a few atoms in the
brain, teeth and heart, hang around with us, but 99.9% is changed

... I find that the heart, brain and teeth residues fascinating,
somehow it seems appropriate, that those are our true identifiers

... atoms which stay with us our whole life, the gods got us tagged

... someone speculated that that we are like little tornado vortexes( or is that vortices?)
in Time ... the atoms just whirling around our conciousness, as our vortex
tears a path thru SpaceTime itself

... somehow, our Conciousness attracts matter, like flies to sh*t

... anyways, if you understand this, you know it's best time to
ask for the god's intervention on Earth ... to manifest the
Absolute Truth

... ah, it has been fun writing this, as any adoration of Shiva
brings Pure Bliss, and my payment is just to have the priviledge to know it

© 2013 by zentara