the dream revisited

... after the ceremonies regarding the anniversary of
Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech, I would like
to point out some truth, if you can handle it

... I don't believe Reverend King's dream involved
making everyone, especially blacks, wealthier. What he wanted,
I believe, was to make it possible for everyman to be free
to attain transcendence, not to have a Cadillac in every garage.

... the godless materialism which is now covering the earth,
is the real enemy of the soul. Thinking that getting everyone
into the so-called Middle Class is a step toward heaven is a
delusion and an illusion. It plays right into the hands of the
godless leaders, who want everyone to be motivated by money.

... please don't fall into that quicksand of materialism

... what then, is the path to happiness, transcendance, and reunion with God?

... this is what I see as the best dream. The poor in the cities
should just accept the fact that they have little, but organize in a way
to build happiness. For me, that would mean tearing down old buildings
and turning the land into gardens. Blocking off the streets to car
traffic so kids can play, and not have to be poisoned by car exhaust.
Organize things so they are close by, walking or bicycling distance.

... no matter what color your skin, the future is going to be a place
with very little work, because the capitalists are very busy automating
almost every job possible. As a matter of fact, one MIT expert on this
in a recent TED talk, said that in his estimation, once things are
fully automated, only 5% of the people will have work. What are the
rest of us going to do?

... well, if you look at it from God's perspective, this is a great gift
for the poor, because as they are stripped of the trappings of materialism,
it makes it much easier for them to regain their spiritual nature, and thus
be able to go back to heaven

... politically, it is important that the Big Babylonian system continue
to make sure the people have food, water, and a safe place to sleep. So
the food programs, good water supplies, and public safety should be the
goal. The government is required by God to provide this for the people.
So it is righteous to ask for it.

... personally, I see a great similarity between the Krishna Conciousness movement,
and the old Black Muslims, who wanted to make great farms for the people
to live on

... the principle regulations of both religous methods are quite similar.
Namely, no intoxication, no smoking, no meat eating, no illicit sex, and
no gambling. These are the great vices which afflict us all now, and you
can see how civilization has deteriorated due to these vices.

... the first step in attaining the Dream, is to purify one's own life,
so following the above regulations is God's way of bringing about a manifestation
of the dream on earth

... don't fall into the illusion that being in the Middle Class is the path
to happiness.

© 2013 by zentara