a soul's second chance

... I've been reading the Srimad Bhagavatam, and am quite convinced
it is God's word

... 2 things in particular applied to me. The first is that every person
should be slightly touched by death, preferably by the time they are 50,
in order to put them in a transcendental frame of mind ... to remind them
of their mortality

... the second, is the concept that once on the path to enlightenment,
God, or Krishna, will not let you forget Him, and any advancement made,
will carry over to your next life.... so no advancement is lost.

... It is said that if a yogi fails in one life, he will be born into
his next life, with some benefits which help him on his journey.

From the Srimad Bhagavatam:
" In the Bhagvad-gita it is also said that such fallen devotees are given a
chance to take birth in a family of highly qualified brahman - as or in a rich
mercantile family. A devotee in such a position is not as fortunate as one
who is chastised by the Lord and put into a position seemingly of helpless-
ness. The devotee who becomes helpless by the will of the Lord is more
fortunate than those who are born in good families. The fallen devotees
born in a good family may forget the lotus feet of the Lord because they
are less fortunate, but the devotee who is put into a forlorn condition is
more fortunate because he swiftly returns to the lotus feet of the Lord,
thinking himself helpless all round."

... and so it went with me. Rather than taking a high birth in the next
life, where most likely I would fall prey to the materialistic gifts afforded
by my parents, I was more fortunate and put into a forlorn condition, ( I can
barely walk with a walker). This forlorn condition forced me to seek the
protection of the lotus feet of Lord Krishna, and has led me to read
the Srimad Bhagavatam, and devote the rest of my life to transcendance.

I see how the Srimad Bhagavatam works. If you read it slowly and with
attention to detail, it actually changes your life in very confidential ways.

I have to thank Krishna for putting me in this position, I definitely
want this to be my last life. Even if my next human life would be to
live as a king, I would rather not take that birth.

I am happier living in a camp, with minimal supplies, than I would be
in the penthouse apartments. My soul is free.

So Hare Krisna, Hare Rama, and all my obeiances to Lord Vishnu.

© 2013 by zentara