social karma

... I don't want to exacerbate racial tensions, but
it seems that the uproar over the Trevon Martin killing
has been squashed by the recent attacks of blacks on whites

... Trevon's karma has been paid in full

... first, there was the shooting in the back of the head
of a young white jogger in Oklahoma by 3 black teens who
did it as a gang initiation
... second, some black DHS employee has been stirring
up tensions with his website, saying that the blacks may have
to kill alot of white people
... third, today in Spokane Wa, 2 black teens were caught on
camera, beating to death an elderly white veteran of Iwo Jima

... so where is all the social uproar over these acts?

... is Obama helping to organize protests over this black on white violence?

... it appears to me, that these acts give other races good
reason to fear black youths

... I myself, have been attacked twice by black youths.

... The first time, I, and other members of my highschool football
team, were stabbed by a roaming gang of black teens, while waiting
in the parking lot for our rides home

... The second time, in boot camp in the navy, while taking a shower,
I was surrounded by more than 5 blacks, who threatened me.
That one was interesting, because as one of them swung at me, I
blocked his blow with my forearm, but with such force, that he
started screaming how much it hurt. The leader then called off the attack,
saying since I didn't do anything more than raise my arm defensively,
and didn't take offensive action, he would let me go.

... thank God I learned to throw a good forearm playing football

... I'm really sorry to see black teens sink to such low levels of
behavior, but what can you expect when the typical black man abandons
his wife and children? No responsibilty.

... after being attacked twice, don't you think it is reasonable
for me to look at black youths with fear and loathing?

... the Srimad Bhagavatam says that there are 4 categories of bad men,
one of them being " those who are simply addicted to vicious work for
sense satisfaction and so suffer the consequence"

... I think the justice system needs to stop coddling these punks,
put them all in tent camps behind barbed wire

... at least take away their meat, so they don't act like viscious animals

© 2013 by zentara